Achieving Agile Success: What They Don’t Tell You

Millions are spent on Agile initiatives, and the results are often quite less than great. Why?

Imagine if we could generate real success with Agile, almost immediately.

Imagine if we could make just a few simple changes, follow a few simple steps, and generate much better results. Rapid and lasting success with Agile.

Without a lot of extra effort.

In this session, you will learn exactly how to achieve this with your current Agile effort. You’ll learn from an Agile coach with over 11 years of experience.

You’ll learn that the key is creating clear definitions and the proper boundaries (and boundary management) for leaders, product leads, and teams.

This is a session for company leaders, product leads, Scrum Masters, and Agile transformation leads, who want better results.

You’ll learn exactly what specific changes to make tomorrow, to get the kind of great results that you what to see.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why Scrum is seldom implemented according to the definition in the Scrum Guide in large organizations
  • Why it is absolutely true that Teams must be encouraged and empowered to define “How” a product is designed and built
  • Why leaving “how” decisions to the Teams can triple productivity and the timely flow of value
  • Why Product leads and company leaders absolutely must refrain from “defining the How,” and instead leave that to the Teams
  • Why putting very clear boundaries around team decision-making authority is essential to Agile success
  • Why company leaders and product leads must clearly define “the What” and “the Why” of the Agile transformation.
  • Five specific actions you can take tomorrow to improve the results of your Agile initiatives


Everyone who attend this session will receive a copy of “THE OPENSPACE AGILITY HANDBOOK” written by Daniel Mezick and co-authors.

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