Bootstrapping a Great Agile Team

Great teams make great software products. Much of agile focuses on how to make existing teams better, but what are the best practices for starting a new team… and did I mention we have to have an MVP of our product out the door in about 4 months?

Join me as I tell a tail of Red Bull fueled productivity, about how a team of five came together to apply the latest development practices, UI design, and technology into a product our users loved in just under 4 months time. I’ll cover our thoughts on Team size, Embedded UX, TDD, Angular, Redux, FP vs OOP, Product Ownership, ShuHaRi, Conway’s law, and cloud computing in AWS.

Talk Background:
The right size and way to bootstrap a new team is something I’ve given a lot of thought too and had many discussions about over the last couple years. This team and project was the first opportunity I’ve been a part of where we put a lot of those ideas into practice. The results were so positive, I would love the opportunity to share them with others so they could further the experiment.

Prerequisite Knowledge:
This talk will touch on a lot of topics and how they relate to a new team. A basic understanding of several of the concepts listed in the abstract is required to get the most out of this talk. For instance, on TDD, I’ll talk about when we introduced it to our code base and why we chose too, but I won’t go into writing good tests or the benefits of TDD in general.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn several dimensions that should be considered when kick starting a new product team.
  • Learn the “how and why” of when to apply things like TDD, Retrospectives, Kanban, etc.