Developing your Personal Agility

Agile has swept the world, cascading beyond software development into all business functions. But Agile’s full potential is often limited by a pervasive impediment. When a company’s culture doesn’t fully embrace Agile, it’s often because its managers haven’t yet developed the level of personal agility needed to act from a truly agile way of being.

A primary approach to helping people “become” agile has been to train them in Agile principles and values, and provide real-time coaching to help them put an Agile mindset into practice. These are very important things to do. But, by themselves, they don’t really result in the degree of personal agility we need in order to consistently walk our talk and deal constructively with the frictions and frustrations of organizational life.

Greater personal agility increases your resilience, helps you think more clearly on your feet, heightens your creativity, and improves your working relationships. This session is about how you can leverage your day-to-day work-life experiences to develop new levels of personal and leadership agility.

Drawing on decades of experience working with leaders, Bill Joiner will show how you can proactively increase your agility by activating a process he calls “self-leadership agility.” Using practical models and illuminating stories, he will share a variety of tips, methods, and tools you can use tomorrow to increase your own agility.