Everyday Beliefs Come True

How engaged, innovative, and resilient is your organization? Are your teams feeling like victims of change? Do you find yourself trying to rescue people? In our experience, how people respond to change impacts their ability to deliver greatness. We can choose to change, or change can be forced upon us—in either case, we can focus on the outcomes we wish to create as a result of the change. Have you discovered your teams’ power to become great?

Nobody is the villain in their own story, and yet many teams get in their own way. The stories we tell ourselves have the ability to hold us back or propel us forward. Whether it’s folklore, gossip, or coffee talk, what gets said can perpetuate the ways things are. Focusing on problems can drive reactive behaviors. And in organizational transformations, the key to change lies in communication.

Allison and Michael will share a model to recognize what kind of stories your teams are telling themselves in their everyday conversations. Noticing the current perspective teams are speaking from enables us to help them shift into more proactive, empowered, and creative thinking. Join this interactive workshop to learn how to listen to a team and coach them to become greater through the words they use. Amplify the positive results of an organizational transformation by becoming a co-creator or coach for your teams.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how stories/conversations shape a team’s beliefs and work
  • Identify the drama triangle and empowerment dynamic models
  • Differentiate a storyteller’s current perspective using the drama triangle
  • Practice the coach role in the empowerment dynamic to shift the storyteller’s perspective