Improve Interviews with Interview Games

Are you interested in learning how to identify strong candidates for software teams faster? Join us for a “fun” and hands-on workshop where you will learn how to use interview games to emulate desired team behaviors and collaboration activities within an interview setting. Participants will experience a series of simple games designed for use during interviews that:

  • Assess and enable discussion of relevant skills for team roles
  • Evaluate communication skills and the ability to respond to change
  • Engage in collaborative problem and work simulations as a team
  • Share, receive and respond to feedback from others

Interview games allow interviewers and candidates to simulate work scenarios in a safe environment and then debrief on the activities that transpire. Rather than discussing prior achievements on a candidate’s resume, interview games enable a discussion based upon a shared experience created by the games during the interview that provides better data to assess candidate fit. In practice, interview games provide a more engaging and respectful way to assess a candidate’s ability to identify improvement opportunities and to emphasize with others.

During this highly interactive session, participants will work in small groups and conduct mock interviews to experience a sequence of interview games and gain hands-on experience in how to facilitate and debrief each game presented.

Facilitation guides will be provided to all participants enabling them to begin using interview game techniques following the workshop.